Counselling and psychotherapy enables you to look into what is going on for you in a judgement-free environment. Psychotherapy is also non-judgmental and takes place in a safe environment; but even so, it can delve deeper into feelings, perspectives, and personality.

Because I am fully trained in the person-centred approach, counselling and psychotherapy are usually combined together in my practice in Southampton. However, I have discovered that the therapeutic alliance itself, specifically the requirement of cultivating conditions, is restorative to healing.

Frequently, a relationship or a number of them is the source of disconnection and limitation, and therefore emotional turmoil.

Deeper feelings may rise and the sense of being understood during the therapeutic process; this can be a precise strong experience, or it can be a gentle support to self-understanding and recognition.

You may find that you connect with or discover more of yourself as a result which may be a painful experience. However, with this awareness, you may develop confidence in yourself and your judgement, and you may process towards growth.